The 30-Day Self-Care Challenge

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Exhausted? If the answer is yes (and believe me, at this time of year it probably will be) indulge yourself in some self-care. With so much of our time dedicated to school, university, work and caring for other people we often don’t realise we are neglecting ourselves. Have you noticed that when you neglect yourself, you aren’t giving your best to anyone else either? February has just started so there is no excuse to not start now and next month and the month after and the month after that… I challenge you to 30 days of self-care.

I myself am a congenital fixer – I just cannot stand to see people sad or in need when I have what seems like everything. Unfortunately, I’ve come to find that people don’t always want ‘Hurricane Lucinda’ to blow in and fix up their life and it doesn’t always actually help anybody. Taking on other people’s problems doesn’t help them fix it or keep my stress levels bearable. I thought it was selfish to keep to myself and look after me but that isn’t true at all. You need to take care of yourself first, otherwise what good are you anyway? Look after yourself then assist others who may need your help – but I emphasise that it is support you should be providing, nothing much else. it took me a long time to realise that.

For the readers who aren’t up to date with this challenge the basic idea is that each day you will commit to doing one or two activities that are completely about you and make you happy. This is a way to destress, relax and really get in touch with yourself. The best part of this little challenge is that you get to pick what YOU want to do and by undertaking something for a small amount of time you can develop it into a habit later if you choose, or you can simply let it go and still get the sense of accomplishment from completing the challenge. You are totally in control. So, off you go, pick one or two activities to do each day or do something different every day!

Some things you may like to do include:

  1. Taking a coffee/smoothie break
  2. 5-minute meditation
  3. 15 minutes of reading before bed (if you can stop at just 15)
  4. Yoga session
  5. Read a news or science magazine article
  6. Limit your phone time to 10 mins a day (not including calls – don’t isolate yourself)
  7. Do something spontaneous
  8. Spend time outside
  9. Explore a new place – park, city, shop
  10. Write about something you are grateful for
  11. Cuddle with a pet
  12. Write a letter to a friend
  13. Start a bullet journal
  14. Write down your feelings – don’t bottle them up!
  15. Cook something new
  16. Begin a dream board – help make it a reality
  17. Don’t spend money on extras
  18. Do a colouring page
  19. Knit or crochet – Pinterest has tons of ideas on this
  20. Tell yourself something you love about you
  21. Eat a fresh piece of fruit
  22. Contact a family member – maybe someone you haven’t spoken to for a while
  23. Start a conversation with someone new
  24. Enjoy a candle or incense in the home
  25. Get up and dance – get that heart pumping
  26. Walk 10,000 steps
  27. Participate in random acts of kindness
  28. Go somewhere and just sit – take in your surroundings
  29. Remove added sugar
  30. Try a new hairstyle

The Meloo HQ Team are looking to adopt this challenge through February – so jump in the comments and let us at Meloo know what you are doing to care for yourself each day. Let’s talk about it!

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xx Lucindia – 2017 MMS Ambassador

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